Hi, I am a frontend, backend, fullstack developer

My name is Doni Yukri and below you will find some details about me, my skills, and example of my work

Few words about me

I am a Web Developer, and I enjoy building beautiful interface as well as developing the logic behind it. I love making complex things simple and easy to use. Currently, my main focus is building single page application with React.js and Node.js.

Technical Skillset

I am constantly learning and keeping up to date with latest technologies, so I can pick the best tech to work with.

  • Javascript

    Javascript is my main language and I understand it well. I focus on building single-page application with attention to code quality and best practices.

  • Node.js

    I use Node to build fast and reliable API. Node also allow easier integration with database.

  • React.js

    I keep my code clean and structured, so it is easier to maintain especially when using state management tool.


    I write semantic markup with accessibility in mind. I keep my CSS manageable and scalable. I also work with framework like Bootstrap.

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Some of my work

I care about code quality and building truly pleasant user experiences, with attention to small but important details.

Nageeb Shop - E-commerce with full feature shopping cart, review and top product functionality and many more.
Pasar Rumah - Mobile-first house marketplace website where user can sell or rent their house
Embun - Landing page for Villa and Homestay service company Embun with booking and description page
Mokka - Coffee roastery and cafe landing page with subscription option and description of their store

Contact details

Wanted to hire me, have a project for me, or just want to say hi? Feel free to use my contact below, or use the form.